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Lake Champlain – The Champion of Lakes in New England

Lake Champlain – home to Champ. Yes, we have our very own resident Loch Ness monster. Although monster is a strong word. I think this one’s friendly, I think they’re all friendly. Haven’t you see the Scottish “Waterhorse” movie? No? – Stop right now, bookmark this, and watch it 🙂 Or read this and then go watch it.

Apparently there are a few dinosaurs that survived in parts of the watery world that have yet to be dredged to death. I think Champ is half the reason why Vermont is so beautiful. His mystical powers shine a shimmering layer akin to rosy glasses on everything close to his home lake. Can’t you tell?

lake champlain, champlain, lake, photography, sunset, fujifilm, fujix100f

(ghosting…I know I know…)

He sung to us as we basked in the glorious beauty of his home. Cameras in hand, we photographed the sunset until the golden rays slipped behind the Adirondacks and it started to get cold. I don’t have too much to say about this place, because words run short of feelings. Just go and you’ll see what I mean. We had driven to the edge of the lake on the Shelburne Farms property (article about that here!) and spotted a large section where the ice was breaking apart into mini plateaus. If only I were a little cold-proof, water-proof grasshopper, it would be such fun leaping from block to block. These are the things I imagine. What a wonderful world it is when you let your imagination free 🙂 Stay out of school kids…

Lake Champlain

lake champlain, champlain, lake, photography, sunset, fujifilm, fujix100f

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