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Kingdom Trails: A Mountain Biker’s East Coast Paradise

On Kingdom Trails:


This is what was coming out of my mouth as I tried to steer my rented mountain bike around the downhill single track curves, pumping the brakes, trying not to hit the trees on the way. In my mind, it sounded more like this:

“oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit”

It was my first time mountain biking, first trail, first downhill…it was terrifying and thrilling at the same time. I was not in shape. The brakes only slowed me down so much and I realized that it was better to just let go and go with the universe on this one. It worked. I found myself gearing up for the next curve, whipping around in a 180 degree raised bank, and bombing down the rest of the hill, half laughing-half hoping I didn’t hit anything, all the way…

A Mountain Biker’s East Coast Paradise

We were at Kingdom Trails. Their website is here. In true Vermont fashion, the park is actually a charitable organization (those 501c3 ones) started by both residents and business owners in the area. The area is called the Northeast Kingdom. What do ya know, we have our very own Kingdom in New England!

This quote is directly from the Kingdom Trails mission website page:

To provide recreation and education opportunities for local residents and visitors while working to conserve natural resources and create economic stimulation. We strive to accomplish this mission by providing a network of quality non-motorized trails for all level of abilities incorporating the best of the local scenery and natural diversity.  We have permission of over 50 landowners and businesses that make this all possible.

Many trails run through private property, where the residents have agreed to allow it, as the quote says above. Without this cooperation, there would be no Kingdom Trails. And this place is GORGEOUS. Let me say that again, just for effect…


Probably one of the most beautiful places I’ve been in New England. I’ll let the pictures do the talking on that one…

kingdom trails, northeast kingdom, vermont, photography, mountain biking, mountain bike, explore, fujifilm, xa3

kingdom trails, northeast kingdom, vermont, photography, mountain biking, mountain bike, explore, fujifilm, xa3

kingdom trails, vermont, mountain biking, mountain bike, landscape, photography, photographer, new england

A Place for Any Skill Level

Let me just say, I was out of shape when I came here. Yet, I still was able to spend about four hours on the trails. We did take necessary little breaks. And there are Fabulous places to take breaks. There’s one in the middle of the park that has a little store, but forget about the store, there’s a bar and a little space where you can bring your beer outside in front of a fire and gaze across the acres and acres of open farmland and cowtopia. 🙂 FABULOUS.

So you can do it. Just come. Just get a bike and get on the trail.

The Logistics

You need to sign in and pay for a pass for the park. It’s like skiing. I’ve got a map for you below that includes the place you need to check in and get a pass, the place where we rented our bikes, and our favorite place to stop for a break through the day.

kingdom trails, kingdomtrails, vermont, northeast kingdom, new england, photography, fujifilm

Here’s a website that shows the trail status (open/closed).

The people at the place we rented our bikes, East Burke Sports, were super nice. I found they also had the best prices for the bikes we wanted and the time of year we were going (late October). We asked one of the guys working there for recommendations. He asked our skill level and recommended a whole path based on that and also how long we wanted to bike. It was so helpful!

Yes, you can also do this in the winter. Yep, that’s how crazy people in New England are.

Cheers! (I’m also testing out a different editing software than Lightroom because it no longer wants to work with my computer. Hence the somewhat different style to the images)

kingdom trails, northeast kingdom, vermont, photography, mountain biking, mountain bike, explore, fujifilm, xa3

Have you been here before? Want to go? Just want to say hi? Leave a comment below 🙂

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