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Shelburne Farms – Another Vermont Paradise

Shelburne Farms

Vermont…there’s just something about you I can’t shake. It could be your beautiful rolling green hills, the way Champ’s scales sparkle across the Lake, or the meaty smoky taste of your best farm fresh cheeses. Or is it the way the air seems to change as we cross the border from Massachusetts from the south. You always leave me wanting for more. Who can resist you?

Vermont Tales of Trapping Tourists

I met the owner of a live music bar near Killington Vermont a couple of years ago now (yikes!), who told me he visited there…moved…and never went back. I think he was from Massachusetts. Actually, I’ve heard this scenario many times. But what about the winter?! Well, it’s more bearable in a beautiful place with lots of open space and nice neighbors, no? Who cares if it’s negative 10, if you have cafe’s with spectacular hot chocolate and delectable crepes, local farms with THE BEST cheddar cheese, marmalade, smoked chorizo, or the distant misty mountains on all sides to look at? If people don’t try to kill each other on the way to work simply because its cold and they are frustrated and impatient and mean? (I’m referring to the suburbs/highways outside of Boston and around Massachusetts, it’s a rough world there around rush hours).

Shelburne Farms

One word…CHEESE. I usually eat only plants, grains, fruits…but that doesn’t work out so well when you have a most delicious form of art that melts in your mouth which beats everything, compares to nothing…  🙂

Google Shelburne Farms (or follow this link), go there, stop at the farm store, pick up a type of their various cheddar cheeses and let the cheese heavens open for you. You will not regret it. While you are there, explore the 1400 acres of working farm, visit the dairy barn, the horse barn, the bakery, and the beautiful piece of shoreline on Lake Champlain. Say hi to Jeremy on the tractor 🙂

An Old Estate

If the property feels old school estate-like, it’s because it used to be one. The farm was originally an estate that was attached to the Vanderbuilt name (no surprise). It included horse breeding. There was a house that was built on the best spot next to the Lake. Talk about a million dollar view. You can actually stay at the house, it’s an Inn now. You can drive around the property however, there are several spots where the road is for private residents only, which was a bummer. Why can’t we all share the shoreline? I guess people gets rich off privatizing lake shorelines, selling properties with private docks and whatnot. It is all lakes in New England, not just this one. Only a little teeeny-weeeny percentage of the shorelines are open to the public.

At least Shelburne Farms opens most of their property to all. Well, they would because they are a non-profit and a National Historic Landmark as well. It should always be free and open to the public! 🙂 🙂 It’s a perfect spot for walking and picnics. We will definitely be back here when it gets warm this summer.

vermont, shelbourne farms, photography, fujifilm, blackandwhite, travel

vermont, travel, photography, shelbourne farms

The Bakery! Yum 🙂

travel, photography, vermont, shelbourne farms, shelbourne, blackandwhite

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