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Patriot’s Day in Lexington, Massachusetts

Patriot’s Day is a holiday unique to New England, specifically, Massachusetts. The holiday celebrates car sales, winter clothing sales, spring gardening sales….oh wait….AND the Revolutionary War battles that occurred prior to signing the Declaration of Independence.

It’s a three-four day “celebration/remembrance” with reenactment battles happening throughout the weekend and the Monday holiday. People dress up in costumes and pretend to kill each other. Lovely no?

We caught the “battle” on Saturday at Tower Park in Lexington. There were a TON of photographers. Everyone-and-their-Mom with a “DSLR” – with massive telephoto lenses the length of my arm! Not only do they have them, but Everyone-and-their-Mom, likes to stick their massive telephoto lens right next to your face if you are in the front of the crowd of watchers. During the battle, as the rebels and redcoats moved across the battlefield, the crowd moved with them, and with it, each photographer clamoring on top of one another to get to the front. Perhaps this was one of the most crowded battles of the weekend, but let’s all have some common courtesy that we brought over here from the British, shall we? We aren’t those barbaric rebels across the pond causing a ruckus, right?

Also, the Boston Marathon was on Monday. It’s a busy weekend all around.

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patriot, lexington, massachusetts, fujifilm, 2018, patriot's day

Our scraggly rebel militia…

patriot, day, lexington, massachusetts, fujifilm, photography, patriot's day

The Redcoats, Tories, Lobster-backs…

patriot, lexington, massachusetts, fujifilm, photography, patriot's day


The reenactors, men and women both, really get into it – there are clubs for this 🙂 They have real muskets with real gunpowder and real cannons. It’s cool.

Massachusettonians (that’s a mouthful) have pride for their revolutionary history and fighting for their sovereignty. Now, the state is laden with taxes, expensive costs of living, and no room to breathe. AND noone seems interested in standing up for their own sovereignty anymore, or maybe just better roads (we can start small). 🙂

See more photos here!

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