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Snowmobiles and Sunny Mountain Days

Snowmobiles are fun 🙂 The hybrid fuel they burn is not fun. It stinks, really bad. And I can’t imagine the trees appreciate it either.

I grew up in NH and this winter was the first time I rode a snowmobile. They are like scooters or ATVs for the snow that pack a huge punch! I didn’t know there were extreme snowmobiles out there, but I guess with everything, people take it to that level. Well, lucky us, we rented some and got the “new” ones – Polaris. Even the name sounds awesome.

With these things, you can go places others can’t. You can go farther, higher, easier. They are very handy and fun for lazy people 🙂

nh, new hampshire, photography, snowmobile, snow, fujifilm

new hampshire, nh, newhampshire, photography, fujifilm, snowmobile, snow

We had three hours and raced up and around the Jericho mountain park/forest area. When you get close to the top of the mountain, there’s a little “warming” cabin. It was cute, but no bathrooms inside – there’s a portable toilet nearby, but with no toilet paper. Good thing we always have some – just in case! 🙂

nh, new hampshire, fujifilm, snowmobile, snow, mountains

For all this fun, I had the fuji x70 with me. What an awesome little camera! If only it was cheaper or maybe weather-sealed or waterproof…that’s ok, we had a good time while it lasted and I returned the little bugger 🙂 (he was only a rental after all)

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