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Pipelines in the White Mountains

Pipelines and mountain towns…just don’t mix. Pipelines don’t mix well in general with most everything; environment, time, human health…OH WAIT, yes, yes they do, they mix well with the deep pockets of gas/oil and pipeline construction companies, and our addiction/reliance to/on gas/oil fueled things, oh and the funds of local and national officials that are in positions approving such projects.

Have you ever visited the White Mountains? Have you ever been up further to a town called Berlin? A town with one of the best views of Mt. Washington? Well, one of the best views that includes a vibrant green monster pipeline. This thing is four times my height!

NH, New Hampshire, photography, Berlin, Fujifilm

nh, new hampshire, photography, fujifilm, fujix70, berlin, white mountains

nh, new hampshire, berlin, photography, fujifilm, fujix70
Isn’t the view of Mt. Washington just lovely with this monster in the foreground?

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