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New Hampshire Maple Weekend – Sugar Stockup

Maple Season in New Hampshire

Maple Trees…those poor suckers. Being stuck and sucked every year for our benefit 🙂 All for their sap that runs into the buckets of syrup producers across New England for a couple of months a year. But damn is that stuff addicting! We grew up having one of the best sugar houses in New Hampshire nearby. From maple syrup to sugar candies to cream/butter, the months of March and April are the time to get a sugar stock-up on!

maple, sugar, new hampshire, photography, fujifilm

maple, photography, sugar, new hampshire, nh

That steam…glorious steam 🙂 A lot of producers have an open house for a few weekends in March with tons of fun events, etc.

photography, maple, new hampshire, fujifilm, x70

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