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Chicago Blues at Buddy Guy’s Legends

Chicago Blues

It’s a feeling…

an incredible soulful feeling…

For anybody wanting to find it…

And one of the best places to find it? – Chicago

Many Chicago Blues musicians became well known in this windy corner on the coast of Lake Michigan, such as the likes of Koko Taylor, Ruth Brown, Otis Rush, Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, and so many more.

A Very Short Summary

The blues came from around the Mississippi Delta and the South, and moved up to Chicago along with the “Great Migration”, where it was electrified. From the early to mid 1900’s, mass amounts of people migrated up north to the industrialized zones for work and to get away from the incredibly oppressive culture in the southern states (read Jim Crow laws, sharecropping into debt, legal racism). From this, a specific style of blues called Chicago blues was born and boomed. Chicago became a place flooded by blues musicians. What I would give to go to the clubs in those days and see music like we don’t know today from most of our generation’s young musicians. Everything is about selling today, what sells, what doesn’t sell…

There’s a fantastic documentary on the Blues, from the mouths of the musicians themselves on youtube, right here. 🙂 It’s called the Blues Story. You can’t get more classic than the people in this film. They don’t make em’ like they used to 😉

“You never miss what you’ve never had. I never had any other life. I didn’t know any other life.” B.B. King

“Blues musicians don’t retire, they drop.” Buddy Guy

Buddy Guy’s daughter, Carlise, played at his bar near Downtown, “Legends” when I was there and she and her band were incredible. It was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. We don’t have too many great Blues spots in Boston these days…

Blues music is sacred, it’s special, and if you go here, have respect. I love this quote by Rufus Thomas:

“Them Blues, is something like no other music, nor like any other thing, when it’s put to music; Blues is in a class by itself; and Anybody can have the blues…” – Rufus Thomas

I’ll leave you with that… 🙂

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