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San Francisco – City of Dreams

San Francisco is a huge bright colored city. The best way to see the expansiveness is from a ferry that takes you around the harbor, including passes under the famous bridge and around Alcatraz island. You can only see the horizon full of light colored buildings covering every inch of visible land. What a sight!

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Views of Alcatraz

This is Alcatraz. It’s approx. 1.25 miles from the shoreline. Spooky.

alcatraz, california, san francisco, travel, fujifilm, x100t

Time to eat! There may or may not have been a clam chowder to give New Englanders’ a run for their money at the fisherman’s wharf.

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Barbie and Ken are real!!

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Does he want Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw? – This was actually in the coolest old school arcade in San Francisco. They have games and fun stuff from way back when most of the people who live there were even born.

san francisco, arcade, travel, California, Fujifilm x100t

san francisco, street, photography, fujifilm, x100t

The bridge, very mysterious always!

bridge, san francisco, travel, california, fujifilm, x100t

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