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Death Valley – Radio and Road Nowhere

Death Valley – or somewhere around there. After driving for about 9 hours, the GPS and the speedometer started getting fuzzy. Was I really going over 110mph?

With plenty of coffee, water, snacks, I drove through this dry, hot, beautifully desolate place.

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It was quiet, very quiet. There were hardly any other cars around. I think this was the quickest way back to Vegas, which was where I was headed, but it was probably the least scenic compared to the other route. I loved it. There were many times where the end of the road was so straight for so long, like the photograph above, that it seemed like it just fell off the horizon.

And I also found this…

airplane, death valley, travel, fujifilm, x100t

Things you find in the desert

And a couple of other cool places along the way…




This house above was spooky and reminded me of the True Detective tv series for some reason.

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